Magnet Frame - NEW!


Image of Magnet Frame - NEW! Image of Magnet Frame - NEW! Image of Magnet Frame - NEW!

Our magnetic frames are inspired by vintage poster frames that have been seen in the past, but ours have one major difference...ours are magnetic! They are easy to use and fit perfectly into all styles of decor.

There are two slim pieces of oak wood at the top and two at the bottom. Each pairing of wood has rare-earth magnets inlaid in the wood to hold the print into place. The frame comes with a sturdy piece of twine on the back to hang your print on the wall.

The best part? NO DAMAGE to the print! You can easily swap out your prints with the changing seasons or change out your child's artwork when they create a new masterpiece.

comes in 3 sizes:
(Email for custom sizes)

2 colors:
Natural oak wood - no stain
Hazelnut - beautiful rich brown stain applied

Due to the hazardous nature of rare-earth magnets if swallowed, frames should not be handled by children. Handle frames with care to prevent magnets from being loosened from the wood